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Books and Collaborations

"I've been blessed with the assistance of Kevin C. Murphy, a diligent researcher and keen editor...I haven't yet managed to write a book without him, and I doubt I ever shall." -- Bill Press, 2008

"[The] writing reveals a raw intelligence and wit that is both provocative and winning...[G]et into the guts of Carville's diatribe against Starr, and a clever, nimble mind is revealed." -- Businessweek, 1998

The Past and Future City
with Stephanie Meeks

Buyers Remorse
by Bill Press

Prime Minister for Peace
with Milan Panic

Obama Hate Machine
by Bill Press

Toxic Talk
by Bill Press

by Bill Press

The Historian's Toolbox
with Robert C. Williams

How Republicans Stole Xmas
by Bill Press

Bush Must Go!
by Bill Press

Spin This
by Bill Press

And The Horse He Rode In On
with James Carville
Historical Writings and Essays

Uphill All the Way:
Progressives in the 1920s

The Promise of American Lives:
The Writings of Herbert Croly

Lost Warrior: Al Smith
and the Fall of Tammany

Orals Reading Notes:
US History Book Reviews

Pure Food, Press, & Poison:
Media Coverage of Harvey Wiley

Public Virtue, Public Vices:
Republicanism and the Tavern

Lion Among the Liberals:
William Borah and the New Deal

16 Historical Primers
For Freedom: A History of Us

"[T]he early launch of his Ghost in the Machine earns Murphy the honor of being
the elder statesman of history bloggers." -- Ralph Luker, American Historical Association

Ghost in the Machine:
Haunting the Web since 1999

Small-R Republic: On Politics
and Progressivism

GitM Movie Reviews:
Haunting Cineplexes since 2000

Ghost in the Machine:
Essays on Coxing
Essays for The American Century

A Second American Century?
For The American Century

The Tet Offensive:
For The American Century

The Military-Industrial Complex
For The American Century

The Versailles Conference
For The American Century
Speeches and Op-Eds

"The best soldier I've fought with in any battle or war." -- James Carville

Stephanie Meeks

Rep. Rosa DeLauro

William Kennard

James Carville

The Undergraduate
For Harvard Magazine

Let's Go New York City
1996 and 1997

Short Author Essays
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