Kevin C. Murphy
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Columbia University, New York, NY -- M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D. degrees in American History.
GPA 3.93. Focused on twentieth century American politics and culture, particularly in the period from 1900 to 1945. Dissertation examined the persistence of progressivism in the New Era. Other original research included writings on the ideology of "New Nationalism" proponent Herbert Croly, media perception of the Pure Food & Drug Act, and the twin falls of Alfred Smith and Tammany Hall after the election of 1932.

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA -- B.A. magna cum laude degree in American History.
Class of 1997 Harvard College Scholar. Deans' List. GPA 3.60. Special areas of study include democratic theory, reform movements, political parties, and race relations. Electives include film theory, moral philosophy, Shakespeare, and Chinese history. Wrote Honors Thesis on the course of Midwestern progressivism during the New Deal. Worked 20 hrs/wk to defray tuition plus 20 hrs/wk varsity sport commitment.

SC Governor's School for Science and Math, Hartsville, SC
Class of 1993. Co-editor, student paper. Student government. Varsity Soccer and Cross-Country. Peer counselor. Conducted independent research on fractal temperature distributions in the early universe. Participated in intensive small-group seminar on video filmmaking and editing techniques.

Work Experience
Senior Manager for Public Affairs -- National Trust for Historic Preservation, Washington, DC October 2014-Present
Composes speeches, opinion-editorials, talking points, briefings, and press releases for President and CEO of the nation's foremost preservation organization. Composed 85,000-word manuscript on the future of preservation and the power and potential of older building fabric to revitalize America's cities.

Speechwriter -- US House of Representatives, Washington, DC July 2009-October 2014
Composed speeches, talking points, briefings, floor statements, press releases, and editorials for Democratic Member of Congress on all facets of legislation before the House, as well as on political issues and community concerns within the home District. Extensively researched policy issues before the Congress. Also fulfilled Press Secretary duties as needed and serve as Legislative Assistant on a number of issues, including campaign finance reform, voting reform, and space policy.

Speechwriter -- Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, Washington, DC October 2011-March 2013
Composed speeches and talking points for chairman and executive director of GAIN, a nutrition advocacy organization working to foster innovative public-private partnerships around the world to implement nutrition interventions at scale.

Special Assistant for Policy and Communications -- FCC, Washington, DC July 2000-April 2001
Collaborated with FCC Chairman William E. Kennard on his speeches, writings, and editorials. Extensively researched the pertinent industries and synthesized complex telecommunications issues into concise, coherent prose. Composed speeches on a wide variety of telecom matters. Also prepared briefings for hearings and penned written statements for public release, including opinion-editorials for The New York Times, Financial Times, and The Washington Post.

Editor/Collaborator -- Bill Press, Washington, DC 2001-2011.
Collaborated with Bill Press, former co-host of CNN's Crossfire and The Spin Room, on Spin This!, his book on modern techniques of political persuasion, Bush Must Go!, an election-year overview of the George W. Bush administration and its policies, How the Republicans Stole Christmas, an inquiry into the misuse and distortion of Christian doctrine by the Religious Right, Trainwreck, an overview of the rise and fall of the conservative revolution, Toxic Talk, on the origins, personalities, and excesses of right-wing talk radio, and Obama Hate Machine, on the machinations of the brothers Koch.

Writer/Collaborator -- Office of James Carville, Washington, DC October 1997-July 2000
Collaborated with "Ragin' Cajun" James Carville, former Senior Political Advisor to the President, on And the Horse He Rode In On, his best-selling and critically acclaimed volume on the conduct of the Office of Independent Counsel during the Whitewater/Lewinsky investigation. Conducted extensive interviews with Mr. Carville and compiled comprehensive research on the activities of the OIC and the Republican Party. Structured narrative and wrote original copy. Also penned editorials and articles in Carville's name, and prepared talking points for his speeches and media appearances.

Editor / Researcher-Writer -- Let's Go, Inc., Cambridge, MA, Spring-Summer 1996
Supervised creation of Let's Go New York City 1997, a travel guide sold worldwide. Reorganized content and wrote original copy. Trained and coordinated team of researcher-writers and edited their prose. Communicated daily with officials and establishments in the NYC area. Aided in creation of several other guides in the best-selling LG series. Also researched and wrote copy for the 1996 Let's Go NYC guide. Explored regions of NYC and sent weekly submissions to home office in Cambridge. Extensively interviewed proprietors and residents in various NY neighborhoods, ranging from the Upper East Side to the South Bronx. Reviewed numerous restaurants and ate very well. Summer 1995.

Writer / Historical Consultant
Collaborated with historian Robert C. Williams on a revised edition of The Historian's Toolbox, an introduction to the historical discipline for high school and college students. Collaborated with historian Alan Brinkley on several revisions of his very popular college-level textbooks, American History andThe Unfinished Nation. Also helped to create American history-education websites for Channel Thirteen and McGraw-Hill Publishers.

Freelancer / Columnist
Penned "Ghost in the Machine," a quarterly instructional forum for coxswains on Rowersworld, and "Pundit Central," a wry weekly survey of the Sunday talk shows, for Slate Magazine. Also composed pieces for Experience Magazine.

Ledecky Fellow -- Harvard Magazine, Cambridge, MA 1996-1997
One of two selected from student body. Wrote pieces for "Undergraduate" column of bimonthly alumni magazine. Interviewed graduates about their current endeavors and researched numerous articles for publication.

Research Assistant -- Harvard University
Fine Arts Library, 1995-1997: Catalogued and researched collection of over 10,000 historical prints dated 1650-1925.
Kennedy School, 1994-95: Prepared reports for administration and faculty. Created and maintained faculty database.
Dept. of Anthropology, 1993-94: Researched, sorted, reconstructed, and catalogued artifacts dating from 4500-1000 BC.

Maintained Ghost in the Machine, a weblog of political, film, and cultural commentary, for over thirteen years, beginning in November 1999. Called "the elder statesman of history blogging" by Ralph Luker of the American Historical Association. Also founded The Leaky Cauldron, a very popular website devoted to the world of Harry Potter.

HARVARD CREW, first boat, Men's Varsity, 1993-1997. 1997 EARC/National Champions Coached during practices, executed race strategy, and steered shell. Coordinated efforts and managed performance level and morale of boat. Invited to participate in Henley Royal Regatta. Elected to Harvard Varsity Club.

HARVARD CRIMSON, Fifteen Minutes newsmagazine. 1995-1997. Contributed weekly news articles to most widely read publication on campus.

Staff Writer
HARVARD INDEPENDENT, campus newspaper. 1995-1997
Wrote pieces weekly, ranging from political commentary to book, film, play, and music reviews.


Computer skills: Extensive PC, Mac, and Internet experience. Versed in HTML.
Languages: French. 3 years instruction, 3 years in French-speaking school.
Travel: Lived 3 yrs in England, 3 yrs in Belgium. Traveled extensively through Europe.
Interests: Film, Politics, Science Fiction, History, Basketball, Soccer, Contemporary Culture.
References: Available upon request.

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