The Murphy Family
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Mom and Dad

I am he as you are he and you are me and we are all together. (There's enough about me elsewhere on this site.) My wife Amy is a criminologist with GMU's Center for Advancing Correctional Excellence and a travel points guru. Murf is our bichon frise and resident good boy. He's also fully blind (glaucoma) but makes the best of it.

Berkeley was my Sheltie and trusty sidekick. He passed two weeks before his 14th birthday in February 2014. Dad and Mom live in Chesapeake, VA. Since retiring, Dad is now a full-time gamer, while Mom enjoys crafts and photography.
Tessa, younger of my two sisters, graduated from Dartmouth in 2009. She resides in NYC currently and tweets here.






A genre enthusiast and gamer before it was cool, my older brother Thad currently lives in the Chicago area.
Eva, my brother's wife, is a director of resource deployment (school services) at Pearson North America. Cal, Thad/Eva's son and my nephew, was born in 2015, so he's still working things out and getting his act together.

Gillian is a principal ballerina with American Ballet Theatre. She has received critical praise from all over.

Ethan, my sister's husband, also danced with ABT, and is now working as a choreographer.

Lotta, the bro's ex, lives in Alexandria, VA, where she works for the US-ROC Business Council.